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MidTerm Test


1. Which of the following does not have a theory of Learning:






2. Name the three types of CAI programs

3. Pavlov developed a method of learning called program learning or liner learning.

True    False

4. There are ten main methods in which taught in a classroom which of the following does not belong:

Games    Discovery      Interactive play            Problem solving


5. What are the three things required for a person to learn.


6. Which of the following is not a type of graphics program category

7. Write two ways you know students are engaged in learning

8. Which of the following is not an instructional model

Manipulatives    Models        Mock-up (mock trials)    presentation

9.When working on your excel project and lesson plan. The state provided you with these so as to ensure students are getting the information they need.

Goals        Standards        Objectives        Principal


10. Your Name :)

(Please note this does not auto grade your test just e-mails it to me. There is no confirmation screen if you want confirmation I received it email me)