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Proffesor Jacob's Pokemon RPG


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Game Reviews

The Latest update on tournament info

Indego Plateu

Round 1:Results (Pending...)

Registered Trainers:
Proffesor Jacob
A Friend (Team Rocket's Jack and Jill)
A Friend (Team Rocket's Cassandra)
A Friend (Team Rocket's Meowth)

Orang League

The Season has started go collect badges from the Orange League Leaders. Good Luck!!

The following adventures are Waiting for trainers and other players

Proffesor Jacob's Search for the fire Onix.

A Friend (Cassandra's) Save the Gym leaders.

Aspen's Dimension Shift

Competion Results

The Accuracy compition was a wet due to the misbehaving staryu of Team Rokcet's Meowth team blasting the other competitors.

The first place winners are tie with Team Rocket's Meowth and The New commer Juko whose cubone made a brilint direct hit at the flying discs.

The next compition strength is being set up. Trainers be patient