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Proffesor Jacob's Pokemon RPG


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There's No Place Like Home

Newspaper Bed
What can I say? You're homeless! You have a high risk of your Pokemon being stolen and they will probobly run away anyway! Cost: $0

Trailor/Mobile Home
Better protection than a newpaper bed, but not much. Team Rocket can break in easy and novice thieves can also. Cost: $1,000

A standard home. Theives can break in, but have a hard time. Team Rocket can break in pretty easily but have a chance of being caught. Cost: $2,000

Brick House
Better than a house. Team Rocket can break in about half the time but can be caught, and only expert theives can break in. Cost: $3,000

The best! Has a research lab, gym, breeding grounds and a great house! TR and thieves can not break in! Cost: $30,000

Other buildings

Breeding Grounds
Where pokemon can mingle in peace and quiet. Cost 3,000

Research lab
Where researchers work. This is essensial for them. Cost: $5,000

Gym leaders need this. Cost: $3,000

Safari Zone
Safari Zone Keepers need this. Cost: $7,000

Thieves hide here. Unless they want to get caught easy, they need this. Cost: $2,500

Fish Farm
Fishing Gurus need this. Cost: $5,000

Team Rocket HQ
Team Rocket members need this. Cost: $4,500

Police Station
Police Officers need this Cost: $2,000

Pokemon Center
Nurses and Doctors need this Cost: $3,000

For travlers and vistors(Not permanet) $50 a stay.(Team Rocket or Thiefs can't steal pokemon)

Mobile home for those who love camping $100

More buildings and houses to come! E-mail me with ideas!

Houses Pending Review


Stay tuned more to come.