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Proffesor Jacob's Pokemon RPG


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Register Gyms

Offical Gyms of The Pokemon RPG

  • Shadow's Adaption Gym Located outside Rainbow Town, above the Lake of Rage.
  • Tray's Evalution Gym Located in celadon City. 
  • Locke's millenium gym Located in pallet town.
  • Rath gym Located on Volcanic island off the shore of Vermillion city
  • Justin's injhotomy gym Located in the middle of newbark town.
  • Ken's Tide gym Located in pallet town.

All the Gyms from Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, Yellow, Orange Islands, and any offical gym on the T.V. Show.

Currently I am running all these gyms, for fairness in game play.
Gyms run by other members listed to the left are offical gyms add to the Pokemon World.  These gyms may have special rules of engagement determined by their leader.  Winning these gyms gives you there badge, but also help to increase your pokemon skills as these gyms are far from predictable outcomes.

New Gyms will be register as they come.