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Proffesor Jacob's Pokemon RPG


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Black Market

Pokemon Thieves Welcome To The Black Market

The following Items are being held for Ransom

5 Clefairy (Spaceship not included)
Pokemon Championship cup
One geniue Cloyster pearl

The following items can now be purchased

10 Bombs cost:50 pokebucks (its a steal)
Machine Rentals (ex. Submarine) cost:3000
Psy Jammers cost:1000
Lure Ball cost:100
Theif ball cost:100
Speed Ball cost:200
Smoke Bomb cost:10
Ice Guns cost:500
Stun Packs cost:100
Hot Air Ballons cost:1000
Flame Suits cost:1500
Rubber Suits cost:2000
Hole Digger cost:2000
Team Rocket's quick trap kit cost:1000
Team Rocket's pest removal kit (For all those hard pokemon) cost: 10000

Prices for ransom pokemon

5,000 pokebucks a piece

All 3/4 of the procceds go to A friend(Team Rocket's Retirment) The other 1/4 will go to the salary of the thief or rocket memeber responcsible for the goods or pokemon.

If you need something that not list tell me so I will be able to add it with a price, of course for the finders fee you get to have it for free the first time.