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Proffesor Jacob's Pokemon RPG


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Stats and other Information

Definitin to stats and other Helpful information

Stats: The way way it works
Pokemon Prime:
Pokemon Prime are bounses given to your pokemon Skills during combat giving you an advantage these Bouns these do not change when your pokemon becomes higher level.

Pokemon Skills:
Pokemon Skills are those stat that will increase as your pokemon becomes higher level and stronger.

The Mental, Physical, Combat, Movement in front of Each pokemon Skills description tells which bouns apply to what stat.

The bouns stat determines how much fatigue points you can recover during battle. Also this can cause your pokemon attacks to use up less fatigue points up to the amount of the bouns.

Hit points:
The bonus stat determines how much hit points you can recover during battle. Also this can cause your pokemon to stay in battle longer even if his actual hp are 0.

Except for this first time you won't be able to change your stats they will be increased depending on how you journey through the wonderful world of pokemon.

Reguardless of pokemon level you can still win a match.
For example, a 5th level hitmolee can take out a 70th level Mewtwo.

Any question please e-mail me.


Pokemon combat between trainers are regulated to be fair. Each player will choose a pokemon describe the attack do not say if it was successful or not. Then place after the message OOC: (the name of the attack) or Have your player say the name of the attack in the describe attack meassage. After the round I will post the results and you continue from there over and over till some one wins.

All attacks have a perecentage chance to strike based on pokemon the defending pokemon's evasion score + bonus and accuracy score of the attack + description of attack.

I will post the results along with a descriptive feedback on your pokemon status. For example.
Let says your pokemon has low hit points.
I will post reply that Ash's picachu slowly gets up from the attack.
Let say your pokemon has low fatigue points.
I will post Ash's picachu looks worn out from that last thunder attack.

Combat between Players and wild pokemon or non playing characters you encounter in a story you creating is that you control the outcome. All wild pokemon regardless of evolution start off as lv.5 when captured. Please don't always have a successful capture or always win the battle.

For special purposes all non-player gym battles will be conducted by me so that at least the battle will be more realistic.

All pokemon can have an infinte number of attacks they can use if they know the attack.
During combat only Eight(8) of these attacks will be used. So choose your attacks wisely.

Pokemon attacks are different than Gameboy or N64 such that they reflect the role playing aspect like the T.V. Show. For example Roar can scare your pokemon or Whirlwind can blow it away or Swift can be fail to hit.

If any question e-mail me.

E-mail me