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Proffesor Jacob's Pokemon RPG


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Favorite Game

The list of tournament compitions all pokemon trainers welcome.

The Accuracy contest: A test on skill floating targets (Beware these disc's are well shielded against those JEDI Psychic.

The Strength test: A skill to stop moving builders beware Golem, Gravler, and Geodude have been know to lurk as these boukders.

The rules

Give the attack's name or a command and Describe the assult on the message board. I will give you the results.

Proffesor Jacob's Warnings and Tips

Defan is still on the lose all towns and trainers should be on the alert.

Also a Trainerless Golem seeks companionships Visit at the mountains located behind the lab.

Tips and Cheats

For you crimminal's of Team Rocket and Robber's You can cheat the clever and devisious the better chance to get a high rating.