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Proffesor Jacob's Pokemon RPG


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How to Join

To join, just put this on the message board with the subject being "Join".

Name: The name you will use in the RPG.

Job: The job you want.

Items: You start out with 5 Pokeballs, 2 Greatballs, and an Ultraball (Unless you are a pokemon then start out with a variey of berries)

Pokemon: Any Pokemon starting at L.5

Pokemon gender: Male or Female

House: What house do you want?

Money: You start with $15,000 and subtract the cost of the house from this amount.

Now put this on the message board and you're all set!

Your pokemon start of with the following stat

Pokemon Prime:

Physical: 10

Mental: 10

Combat: 10

Movement: 10

Pokemon Skills:

Combat Normal Attack: 10

Combat Special Attack: 10

Movement Speed: 10

Movement Evasion: 10

Physical Normal Defense: 10

Physical Hit Points: 100

Mental Special Defense: 10

Mental Fatigue Points: 100

If you wish to change your Prime stat or Skills stat e-mail me the change.

The way it works is that.

To add a point to one of your prime stat you must minus it from another prime stat example:

Physical: 11

Mental: 9

Combat: 15

Movement: 5

To add a point one point to skills you must subtract from another skill stat example:

Physical attack: 35

Fatigue points: 35

Specal defense: 15

Evasion 5

You can not trade a point from Prime stat for a Point in Skill Stat or vise versa.

This is where you will post your Joining information.

After you post your joining information, you don't need a conformation from me. Just start posting and having fun.

Click on the link to go to the message board