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Proffesor Jacob's Pokemon RPG


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Job Search

Looking For A Job?_?

1. Pokemon Catcher:

You can catch pokemon and sell for profit

Requirements - 1 Pokemon.

Income gain for selling pokemon: $200 for common(ones you can get from Red and Blue and Yellow or Gold and Silver and Crystal). $500 for uncommon(Those you have to trade for in Red and Blue and Yellow or Gold and Silver and Crystal). $2000 for Rare any one or Two time pokemon in any version.

2. Pokemon Trainer:Train pokemon for battleing

Requirements-1 Starter Pokemon of first evolution(ex.Charmander, Bulbsaur, Squirtle, Totodile, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Lapas, Eevee, Pikachu, ect...)

Income Gain: $100 for non registered battles(Not pokemon captureing. Only with other players or non players). $300 for gym battle +$200 if you win. $1000 for indigo plateau or Orange League + $1000 for winning per match.

3. Pokemon Gym Leader: Add a new offical gym to the game

Requirements: Six pokemon of a Single type and Gym

(Any one can have a gym but offical gym must be approved by the Offical Pokemon League or be a gym leader)

Income Gain: $100 for accepting a match. $500 for losing the match the match. $1000 for winning the match. $3000 for winning against another gym leader. $1000 a month.

4. Pokemon Gym Assisstant:Help out an existing gym

Requirements: three pokemon of the same type as gym

Income Gain: $50 for accepting a match. $250 for losing the match the match. $500 for winning the match. $5000 for winning against gym leaders. $500

5. Pokemon Breeder: Help raises baby pokemon and create new pokemon

Requirements-2 Pokemon of the same type Income Gain:

Income Gain: Selling pokemon $100 per level. Taking Care of pokemon $500.

6. Pokemon Center Nurse:Help the injured pokemon

Requirements-A Chansey or Happiness and a Pokemon Center

Income Gain: $5000 per month.

7. Safari Zone Keeper:The guarden of endangered Species

Requirements-A Safari Zone and at least 1 Pokemon found in the Safari Zone (ex. Nidorina, Nidoran, Turos etc.)

Income Gain:$2000 per month.

8. Fishing Guru:Master fisher

Requirements-A Fish Farm, a fishing rod (any of them), and at least 1 water Pokemon

Income Gain:$100 for capturing. $500 per level for selling.

9. Researcher:Help descover new pokemon

Requirements-One rare Pokemon and a research lab.

Income Gain: $3000 per month.

10. Police Officer:Be a law enforcer

Requirements-Growlithe or Aracine and a Police Station

Income Gain: $4000 per month

11. Thief:Steal valuable pokemon

Requirements-1 Pokemon and a Hideout

Imcome Gain:$100 for capturing + $500 if successful. $4000 randsom.

12. Team Rocket member:Be an elite thief

Requirements-A Team Rocket partner. Together, you two must have a Meowth/Persian, Koffing/Weezing, and a Ekans/Arbok. or Ratta/Raticate, Drowse/Hypno, and Cubone/Marowak

Income Gain:$1000 a month. $50 for capturing + $250 if successful. $2500 randsom.

13. Pokemon Yourself - Play a pokemon

Requirements: Must be first eveloution can evolve (No baby pokemon)

income $0 unless you have payday

More jobs coming soon! E-mail me with ideas!

Following Jobs under review.

Pokemon Captian:Sail the seven seas
Pokemon Crew:Manage the ships.

Pokemon Arechologist:Search for ancient relics

Pokemon Instructor: An Instuctor to Train Pokemon

Stay tuned more to come"_"