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Proffesor Jacob's Pokemon RPG


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Shadow's Pokemon

Breeder: Dragon types and Abilities

Baby Pokemon

Shadow's Pidgey

Shadow's Dratini baby

Shadow's Horsea baby

Adult Pokemon

Shadow's Dratini

Shadow's Whitini

Shadow's Gyarados

Shadow's Horsea Mother

Shadow's Horsea Father

Shadow's Seadra

Aquired Pokemon

Shadow's Nightmare

Shadow's Kingdra

Shadow's Vulpix

Job: Pokemon Breeder

5 Pokeball - (30% chance of success)
2 Greatball - (60% chance of success)
1 Ultraball - (80% chance of success)
1 Masterball - (95% chance of success)
Super Rod (can catch any water Pokemon)
Tent(For outdoor camping)
PokeGear(Includes: Backpack Pokephone, Map, 2 Berries, 3 pokeballs)