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Proffesor Jacob's Pokemon RPG


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Proffesor Jacob's Pokemon

Researcher on New and Old:
Pokemon / Abilities / Interaction

Baby Pokemon

Adult Pokemon

Proffesor Jacob's Mew

Acquired Pokemon

Proffesor Jacob's Scyther

Proffesor Jacob's Misdreavus

Job:Pokemon Reasearcher

50-Pokeball (30% chance success rate)
20-Greatball (60% chance success rate)
15-Ultraball (80% chance success rate)
10-Masterball(95% chance success rate)
Heatseeker (find fire pokemon)
Old Rod(can only catch L.5 Tentacools and Magikarps)
Good Rod (can catch Pokemon up to L.15)
Super Rod (can catch any water Pokemon)
Bird Watching Kit (can help find flying Pokemon)
Mr.Psychic's Easy to understand Psychic powers tape(helps you find Psychic Pokemon)
Mining Kit(helps find ground Pokemon)
Tent(For outdoor camping)
PokeGear(Includes: Backpack Pokephone, Map, 2 Berries, 3 pokeballs)